Wednesday, April 24, 2013

No Words Are Adequate...

.... for the love I felt for these cute little guys as they looked up into my eyes! Indescribable!  

Two little boys we met in a polio camp


Brad and Karen said...

Based on my experience, prepare to be speechless for 18 months.

Diana said...

Sister Kanzler,
I am so glad I found you two. We just went to the Open House for Pres and Sister Roggia. I talked w Sister Randall and she told me about you. That you are working in the east end of Freetown. We were missionaries there about 18 months ago. We miss it so much. We worked out of Kissy 1 and Kissy 2 branches. I will enjoy your blog so much. I have so many questions. How is the Kissy Chapel. It just opened up the last few months we were there. We put up basketball standards. ARe they still there? Do they sill have an Outreach program for the youth. God bless you as you do this work. Do you live in the mission home and drive across town every morning like we did or do you live in the East part of Freetown?
Love, Sister Diana Neves and Elder Eldon Neves