Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's Official... we've been set apart!

Dear friends and family - it is now official as Scott and I were set apart tonight as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints...the packing has been a nightmare as you can imagine and I can't even begin to wrap my arms around the two of us arriving in Sierra Leone with 2 large suitcases a piece weighing in at 100 pounds per person and an additional carry on for each of us weighing in at 40 pounds per....oh and don't forget a back pack and my laptop case!!!!

Our Grandson, Carson, took this picture!

Us with the CA kids and grandkids

A little blurry, but Carson was snapping away!
We leave in the morning and fly to Salt Lake City and will spend 4 days relaxing and maybe catching up on lost sleep. We will then go into the Missionary Training Center for 4 days in Provo; we come out on the 19th and that is when the fun begins for me as we make our way to Sierra Leone by plane. If I could only roll down a window while in the air I might like flying.
Below is information from our current mission president and what our assignments(s) will be as we begin our service.
The District temple trip (do you think I will be taking a 4 1/2 day (one way) bus trip?
Training of Priesthood and Auxiliary leaders in the branches with special emphasis in the new Waterloo branch
Providing adult supervision for the two missionary zones (20 missionaries) inspecting apartments, medical issues, etc.

I will write again next week as we enter the MTC; that should be wonderful!

Love, Robin

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