Monday, April 15, 2013

MTC, Day 1

Dear Family and Friends,
After 4 fun, relaxing days in Midway/Sandy, UT, we got up this morning to snow and cold and drove down to Provo to check into the MTC along with 34 other senior couples and 3 single sister missionaries.....we/they are going all over the globe!
We picked up all our packets and meal cards and then were wisked off to a church building off the missionary campus. Because the MTC is so crowded with young missionaries (3,000) the senior missionaries are being housed in a local Marriott Hotel (yay!). With all the luggage we have with us I was afraid if we were to stay at the MTC, we would not have a place to sleep as our luggage would take up all the space....
Speaking of luggage - we are now at 1 carry-on each, 2 check-in each and had to borrow an extra piece of luggage (we are now at 7 pieces of luggage) and we are still overweight (not only in our bodies but the luggage). Fortunately the new mission president who will be out the 1st of July has been in contact with us and will take one piece of the meantime, after our orientation today, Scott and I are out in the parking lot with all but 2 suitcases, weighing them (see attached picture) and tossing stuff back and forth to equal out the weight to 50 is 40 degrees out and Scott is sweating and giving himself a hernia trying to hold the scale and the suitcase....

All is well, though with all my suggestions as to what to do with our luggage, Scott may be leaving me behind..
Love to you all!
Sister Kanzler

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