Saturday, November 16, 2013

Week #29 - Pretty Uneventful!

Sunday, October 27, 2013
Attended meetings in the Kissy 1, Kissy 2, and Thunder Hill branches today. While at the Kissy building, a number of saints came up and commented on the fun dance I taught the evening before and one of the brethren conducting the meeting mentioned it over the pulpit! These people continue to bring me joy amidst frustration and eye rolling, and I love it!

Monday, October 28, 2013
Walked this morning – I am feeling so much better and I love the mornings! Though I have lost weight, I am so out of shape, so the walking is going to help, thanks to Rachelle.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Drove out to Kissy today and spent time with President Kpullum and the Zone Leaders. President Kpullum is in the process of trying to find a different home to rent, so when his wife is released from the hospital, she will be able to be more mobile in and out of their home. He is up high on a hill and must come down in order to accommodate her. Amidst all of his concerns about his wife, he still remains very optimistic and happy now that he is over the initial shock of the whole experience; happy day for him on Friday – his son is returning home after his two-year mission in Nigeria.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
I was able to go downtown today to see my friend, Marian and purchase a few items for our apartment. I had planned to go yesterday, but the US Embassy emailed a bulletin to all US citizens to avoid the downtown area due to some issue of journalists being arrested and the possibility of protesting and the need for increased security.

I was happy to see her and converse for a few minutes while Scott remained in the car double parked. She “jokingly” commented how she thought her daughter, Manal was stealing me away from her (I have been emailing Manal quite a bit trying to track down her sister Basita). I assured Marian that she was 1st, Pops her husband was 2nd and Manal was 3rd.

Rachelle and I had an appointment with the local spa today; owned by Lebanese women who are 2nd generation Sierra Leone. I had my haircut and Rachelle had her nails manicured. What a delightful couple of hours. While I waited for Rachelle, I had a chance to view a People Magazine – a few moments of checking out the the world of “fame and fortune”.

Met the Ostlers at The Hub for dinner tonight; very pleasant evening of conversation and laughter. Scott and I feel so comfortable around them and are so grateful to be serving with them.

Saturday, November 2, 2013
Scott and I went into the office today as I had many CDE's (convert data entry) I had to begin to log into the computer as the majority of the documents were received this week and I need to get them input for the monthly report. While I sat at the computer, he had a meeting with a gentleman who is renting us an apartment in Bo but also had some contacts for apartments in Hill Station. Yes, we are back at it this transfer period finding 3 more apartments before November 25th. Add to this – the responsibility we have had since the beginning of our mission – that of organizing a temple trip for the members out East with a final headcount needed this week in order to make the arrangements for airline tickets! The pressure and stress are on!

We got home at 4:00 pm and I immediately started dinner because the Campbells were coming over to dine at 6:00 pm We were invited to their home for dinner last night and I was to take salad and dessert and when Robert (25+ year veteran of the army) notified me of the time – 1800 hours – I thought this meant 8:00 pm, and asked that it be made earlier; so he texted me 1700 hours and I thought, well that is 7:00 pm and still too late; so when I suggested earlier, he texted back 1600 hours and I thought for sure (and so did Scott) that was 6:00 pm and perfect! We were still at the office at 4:10 pm when I got a text from Robert wondering when we were coming! That's when both Scott and I realized that 1600 hours was 4:00 pm, and not 6:00 pm! We had a lovely dinner with them, minus my Waldorf Salad and Cherry Cobbler. I made up for it by having them for dinner tonight.
Sending love and gratitude for your support and prayers!

More Snaps:

Good enough to eat if you are one of the stray dogs around here.

This is what a package and its contents look like when it arrives 3 months after it was sent.

Time for removal of you know what at the Stake Center. I loved the sign - Toilet Bailer

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