Saturday, November 2, 2013

Week #26 - She Says

Sunday, October 6, 2013
It is 6:30 pm and after driving 2 and ½ hours to go a grand total of 7 miles, I am completely exhausted and worn out!

We went to church in Kossoh Town today – only the second time since we have been on our mission. You would have thought we were life long members of the branch, the way they greeted us. Such warm and loving people; can't understand what they are saying ½ the time, but can certainly feel their love for us.
We stopped off in Kissy to talk with President Kpullum and asked how his wife is doing. He said she is asking for chicken, so that is a good sign. His plan was to smuggle some into her. He also told us, the doctor's were considering a bone graft early on, but when they x-rayed her hip, there wasn't bone long enough to graft. He was in good spirits and seemed relieved that the procedure was over. Now I pray no infection as she must stay in the hospital for another 2 weeks.
Monday, October 7, 2013
We had FHE with President Patrick Swarray, family and neighbors tonight. He is the Stake President of the 3,000th stake of the Church, located in Freetown West, Sierra Leone. As all members do, he lives in very humble circumstances but we felt so comfortable and welcomed in his home. We thought we would be spending the evening with just him, his wife and little girl, but two sets of missionaries came and all kinds of neighbors. At one point, a neighbor walks in goes to the back somewhere and the next thing I know, she comes out with a towel wrapped around her and goes out the front door! What was that? It is life in Sierra Leone. Swarray's had water and she needed a bath. 

FHE with family friends and missionaries.
FHE with President Swarray and Brother Hughson

I purposely fixed dinner before we left just in case some sort of food was served; sure enough, after Family Home Evening, it was time for the treat. It consisted of french fries, fried plantains and snapper. Well, I told Sister Swarray that we weren't aware that a snack would be served and had already eaten. She insisted that we at least have a little.....and a little I had. Rachelle (Ostler) called me a coward as she previously had the same experience and ate much more than I did.
FHE treats.
Would not want to have meet him when he was alive. (FHE with the Swarray's)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Busy days as we continue to get everything ready for 23 new missionaries coming next week and the 5 apartments we have miraculously found. Went down to the dock and placed another order with Dock Lady. She is so cute, invites me to sit in the back of the shop and then takes me out front insists that I sit down and when a customer comes in to buy something she tells me to get in her drawer and get out the change. 

Me and the Dock Lady.
My friend Marian Ghazzawi

I walked back up the dock toward the car and stopped in another shop to buy rope to use as clothes lines in the apartments. Met a mom and her two daughters running the shop. Just another delightful experience. Over and over it is reaffirmed to me that the human heart has no limitation on the capacity to love, the nationality of the individual, and the number of people to love wherever I find myself.
We had a fireside tonight upstairs with the Ostlers and 3 missionaries who will be returning home tomorrow. Such wonderful young men.
Friday, October 11, 2013

The view as we left the mission office.

Have I mentioned how stressful this past transfer period has been? We started off the first week of 6 weeks filled with enthusiasm and great optimism that we could with some challenges, find 4 apartments before transfers that take place next week and the arrival of 23 give or take brand new missionaries. As of tonight, we have 3 that are signed and sealed, and we have been stretched to the limits of our faith and trust that all will come together next week. I believe this is the Lord's work we are engaged in, so why must we go through so much emotion, prayer and worry to secure apartments? I really don't have an answer as yet.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

We woke up this morning and got ourselves ready to make the 3 ½ hour drive to Makeni to sign another apartment, and take the supplies I had purchased from the dock lady. Still concerned about two more unsigned apartments, Scott called Markus and found out that the owner of the apartment in Lumley, finally called him all the way from Haiti to tell us we had secured that apartment – Yahoo!!! We had a much more enjoyable ride to Makeni knowing we had apartment # 4 secured.
Decided to join me while on the porch.

Grazing while on the porch.

Just sitting on the front porch of the Makeni building.

Walked by me while on the porch.
Our friend Marcus Wallace on Africa Day.

My mom turned 89 today! Quite an event seeing as how both of her parents had passed away around the age I am now. I called her to wish her a happy birthday. She is anxious for me to come home and I told her she had to wait a little while longer. We will get home just before she turns 90 next year.

 Much love, Robin

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