Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week #11 - She Says

* Sorry for the delay, I am usually able to get their weekly email and pictures on their blog right away, but I got delayed this week. I know they would love to hear how things are going for you. Letters of encouragement and love are always welcome!
~Kindly,  Megan Kanzler (Robin and Scott's daughter in law). 


Dear Family and Friends,
Sunday, June 23, 2013
Out the door this morning by 8:00 am as we had to be to the Wellington I Branch by 9:00. This is the first time we have visited that branch; they had a change in leadership today. We decided to stay for the Wellington II Branch that began at 12:30 pm, and then drove back to Kissy in order for me to be at the District Choir practice at 4:00 pm. I love singing with these people.

This speaks volumes of the culture here. Mamma is the house kpper - keeper. I saw this at Church yesterday in Wellington. 
Wednesday, June 26, 2013
I spent the entire day in the office entering baptismal records; these come in to the office from the missionaries, who fill them out and many times do not write clearly nor enter the information correctly which slows down the process. Nevertheless, I entered over 70 convert baptisms and it took me all day.

Thursday, June 27, 2013
Scott and I were out with the Thunderhill missionaries once again to further our search for the members of the branch in order to prepare a map of their locations in order to split the branch at some near future date. 
Off we go into the depths of Thunderhill

The morning was somewhat cool as it had rained, but by 11:00 am, the sun was out and it was humid and hot. I had fixed us a small lunch of sandwiches and had placed them in a plastic bag that had another smaller bag inside it filled with ice cubes in order to keep the food cold while I carried it on my back. When it came time to eat it, I unwrapped my sandwich and the wax paper was a little moist but the sandwich was in pretty good shape. I looked over at Scott and his had not fared as well and he was squeezing the bread like a sponge and water was dripping from it. He took one bite and that was it for him, so I suggested he throw it to one of the multiple starving dogs we see every day. Well, he tossed it to one and he approached it, took one sniff and walked on by! It even had some meat on it, but the dog wouldn't have anything to do with it.

We returned home from Thunderhill and I quickly got cleaned up and fixed garlic bread for the dinner gathering upstairs with the mission president and the senior couples. Our second and last dinner with the Roggia's as they go home on Sunday. As we sat around the table, and he expressed his appreciation for our service, he said something quite interesting. He and his wife responded to a call to serve as mission president; we, on the other hand, volunteered for this service. We chose to serve!

Saturday, June 29, 2013
We have had a wonderful day today, spending the majority of it out East with our wonderful missionaries and members! We started out in Kissy as I had resumes for 7 members I had typed so we were there by 9:00 am but they weren't. As we drove into the parking lot, it was literally covered in garbage. 
Garbage men on Wrong day to put stuff out for Just a mountain of trash placed there by the locals. 

The rains from the night before were so heavy that the open gutter/pit could not sustain it and all the garbage people toss in it came bubbling to the service and ran into the parking lot. As we left to drive to Waterloo, the garbage was all gone; it had been shoveled back into the gutter/pit so it could be washed up again next time it rains! 
Local workers shoveling the garbage back into the sewage drain so that it can flow back out in the next rain. 
We pulled into the Kissy building for a baptism on Saturday. The heavy rains had overflowed the sewage drains.

The members of my Career Workshop class started showing at 10:00 but we had to leave as Scott was asked to baptize a candidate out in Waterloo. We wanted to attend the baptismal service in Thunderhill, but got a call that they were coming to the Kissy building because they had no water for the font. So many baptisms on Saturday but we can only stretch ourselves so far.

Traffic was terrible driving to Waterloo and we were a ½ hour late but they waited for us. So of course, after the opening exercises, we start our trek down to the river; low and behold, the elders have picked a new spot and as we are walking, places seem a little familiar, and wouldn't you know, it is the same area where we had gotten lost weeks before! In fact, the home where we stopped in order for people to change into their white baptism clothes, was the home of the woman whose children led us safely back to the chapel when we were lost! This certainly made Scott's day as he tried, once again, to convince me that he knew what he was doing when we were lost! 
Elder Stewart holding up the mud hut as Elder Kanzler and Elder Penia come out.
It was so wonderful for Scott to baptize a 31 year old man who was a former member of the Jehovah's Witness, who then became a member of the Muslim faith and was quite notable in that church, but the Book of Mormon converted him and additionally, when he was taught the Law of Chastity, which he hadn't been living, he was thrilled with this higher law of living and accepted it readily.
Brand new member all new and clean!

The bathers and washers took a moment to observe the baptism.

We drove home through rain, and down Kissy Road and it was a long haul. Now that the rainy season is upon us, the roads are very rough and very taxing on the bones.
President and Sister Ostler arrived tonight – very late, so we had enough time to welcome them and left them to unpack and try to rest.

It has been a good day....and tomorrow when we send off President and Sister Roggia, I plan to have our picture taken with them as it is our 7th wedding anniversary and I always take a picture of us every June 30th to place in a frame to display for the next year.

Love, Robin

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