Monday, July 8, 2013

Week #11 - He Says

So Dad has been emailing us a weekly family email and I asked if he would mind if I post some of his weekly emails on here so that you all can get to see the mission from his perspective too. They both have a great way of writing about their experiences but they each have a distinct voice. So, with their permission, you will see weekly posts that say the week number followed by either "She Says" or "He Says."

Kindly, Megan K.

Hi Family,
We welcomed our new mission president the Ostler's.  We already feel a strong connection with them and are excited to be working with them.
We continue to see the work progress in the Freetown East District and we are so glad to be part of it.  We have grown to love these people and feel like they are now our family. It is always good to be with them.
We continue to see the hand of the Lord in the work as we spend time with these wonderful Saints and their leaders out East.  Tuesday night we were involved with President Kpullum in some one an one training about priesthood leadership, plus discussed our upcoming temple trip and have arranged a fireside for July 28th to go over all info necessary with those that will be part of the temple trip, still working to have 70 people attend.  Reemphasized the need to have the District and branch leaders be the first to be considered. 
Then we met with the Kissy and Waterloo Zone Leaders to discuss the missionary efforts in the Freetown East District with President Kpullum.  Kissy Zone goal for June 44,A-34, Waterloo June G-33, A-19, a total of 52 baptisms.  When you combine May numbers there is enough to create another branch.  The church is growing in the East, we need to work on retention, a real concern of President Kpullum, it is special time as we watch the church grow rapidly here in the East.
Still no progress on the Waterloo Branch Chapel, a contractor was to be hired, but still nothing, hopefully that can be resolved soon. 
The next night I continued my training with the Kissy 1st & 2nd Branches, I love these brethren they want to learn exactly what they need to do.  I taught on the temple and went through the temple recommend questions and discussed the importance of helping all to be temple worthy.  We concluded with training on the proper way to conduct an interview and then ended with a kneeling prayer.  I love these men.
Thursday we spent the day with Elders Serafine and Mojaje in the Thunder Hill Branch GPS surveying.  Well we walked up to almost the top of Thunder Hill, quite an experience and so humbling as we meet with the members in their homes or at least the outside.  The Elder's also found a number of contacts during the day.  We have almost mapped all the MP in the Branch, might still need to go once more. 
Saturday was a full day filled with many choice experiences.  We started off at the Kissy Chapel where we were able to meet the 13 people that were being baptized, they looked so wonderful.  Thunder Hill had 10 baptisms (one family of 7) Elder's Serafine and Mojaje and 3 for the Kissy 1st Branch Elder's Ngerem & Narteh.  We need to find a way to keep them active, they are so grateful for the gospel to be in their lives.
We then went out to Waterloo where I was able to baptize in the river David Bangura, Elder's Turner & Ogden's convert.  I was really touched when Elder Turner called and said that he wanted me to baptize him, the first time to perform a baptism since I baptized my own sons, a very special day.  Elder's Nwosu and Penia also baptized a young lady.  All in all it was a very humbling and spiritual day.

Sunday saw us saying goodbye to the Roggia's, what a tremendous job that they have done serving the Lord and we are glad that we were able to spend a short time with them.
The work out East is going well, much to be done to make sure the leaders are trained properly and that the new converts are quickly made to feel apart of the gospel and the branches.
Love and God bless you,
Scott & Robin, Grandma & Grandpa, Elder & Sister Kanzler

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