Thursday, December 11, 2014

Week #52 - Can you Believe It???? It's Been A Year!

Sunday, April 6, 2014
I completely forgot it was Conference weekend with our routinely busy Saturdays and Sundays. We attended the block of meetings in Makeni, I conducted more interviews, and we delivered supplies to the missionaries. After the block, we participated in the Branch Council, rendering opinions, suggestions and counsel. We are almost in the dark with only one overhead light bulb working, but there was a/c so I was able to cool down a little bit but by now, having wiped perspiration off my face multiple times, and run my fingers through my “short” hair, I am looking like a female version of Einstein and his crazed hair do!

Round net!

Square net took Scott 45 minutes to hang as I am out on the streets looking for nails to hammer into cement.

We were only 5 minutes away from home tonight when the traffic came to a dead stop. A Catholic school was having a program and all vehicle movement ceased. It took us over an hour to finally get home! Exhausting....

While we waited for stopped traffic for over an hour I took random pictures.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Had a phone call from Elder Nwosu today and he reports, 26 people were in attendance at the first Sunday meeting of the Lungi group. Pretty exciting.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Rachelle's birthday! Dave arranged a dinner at Bliss with all the senior couples. It was a very enjoyable evening.

Beautiful sun setting outside of Bliss Restaurant

Sun setting!

Kanzler's at the birthday celebration!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Young Single Adult Summit came and went this week-end. To be quite honest, it was disappointing and disheartening to observe the venue of events and go away feeling somewhat empty. The local Stake took on the responsibility of this event over 6 months ago and had plenty of time to prepare especially with the written guidelines/program established by Accra. It just wasn't well organized and planned and the “college” campus where it was held, in my eyes, did not help create an atmosphere of warmth and friendship. I could go on and on and must not belabor what I saw.....I am sure there will be followup emails with the Calls and concerns can be voiced with them. The visiting authority who presided over the event was Elder M. Thomas Ben-Davis, a member of the 5th Quorum of Seventy. He just retired from his job last September as a chemist for a chocolate company in Accra, Ghana. Just a delightful man filled with enthusiasm and optimism. Would that the young adults of Sierra Leone could mirror just a bit of this man's outlook on life. He was a breath of West African fresh air (not that the air is fresh here).

A look at the college campus grounds.

Dormitories at the Milton Margai College

Great looking piles of chairs behind the curtains where the speakers sat.

Over 350 single adults in attendance. Name tags were a 3x5 card with a safety pin.

Elder Ben Davis of the 5th Quorum of 70.

We barely got started and this young man was checked out.

With Ryan, Megan and the boys in Vancouver for Easter break, it has been a challenge for me to stay focused on mission responsibilities and not long for home and to be on a road trip with them. It hasn't helped that the internet has been virtually down for 3 weeks at the Mission Office and the work I have there has been at a stand-still until it is up and running again.

Yesterday, I put crumbs out as usual on the kitchen window sill for my neighborhood birds and walked away; within moments I heard a lot of squawking and went to the window to see a hawk of some sort tearing at something. I couldn't see well so I picked up a pair of binoculars to observe more closely and realized it had captured and killed one of my birds and the rest were quite upset. I was upset myself; I realize it is the circle of life, but it was still disturbing for me to witness.

Love and Gratitude for all your prayers in our behalf this past year!

Robin and Scott

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