Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Week #44 - Happy Valentine's

Sunday, February 9, 2014
Attended services in Makeni and with 9 confirmations, most of the meeting was used for the performances of ordinances along with the Sacrament. After the block we drove over to the sister's apartment because they were having water issues. Scott was able to fix that then they tell us about one bathroom with issues; from there as we are about to leave, another bathroom issue; top it off with the 4th item, they can't get the oven to light. I could tell it had not been used since we delivered it weeks ago because it was so clean. Scott was able to get the pilot light lit, but it wouldn't stay on when turning the temperature dial. Scott realizes after trying everything possible the dial had been put on backwards...we arrived home around 7:30 pm after stopping by the mission office to pick up a filter system for the Seader's. They were upstairs for a get acquainted dessert. They are replacing the Burns who return home this coming Friday.

Makeni Junior Primary

Sunday services in Makeni. When this branch first opened in November maybe 45 members. As of today over 100.

Monday, February 10, 2014
I spent a good portion of the day sitting at the Seader's apartment watching over workers as well as waiting for workers while Scott was at Parliament trying to track down an apartment owner and finalize a deal. I did get a book read while I waited – The Lost City of Z – very good read and kept my interest. One I would like to review in Book Club when I get home unless it has already been reviewed.

Friday, February 14, 2014
Valentines Day in Sierra Leone – at the office by 10:30 am for a pre-transfer meeting. Transfer week next week and there are so many moving parts; add to that 18 new missionaries coming on Tuesday, and the set up of two new apartments.

Water delivery at the mission home.

Water delivery at the mission home.

Water delivery at the mission home.

Water delivery at the mission home.

We had a senior couple luncheon for the Burns. They left today having completed their mission. Such wonderful, devoted people. This is their third mission. When we first arrived 10 months ago, they took us under their wings and were of great help as we settled in to life in this mission. I will miss them, but know where to find them when we complete our mission as they reside in Meadow, UT.
Our dear friends Elder and Sister Burns. They return to America today!

Off to Kissy for a 4:30 YSA Devotional that didn't start until 5:30 pm; we were asked to speak but didn't know it until we got there. I thought the purpose of the meeting was to follow up with the YSA reps and find out how many singles had signed up for the YSA Summit scheduled for April. Instead it was themed around Valentines Day and “love.” There were love stories and one of the couples were newlyweds and they handed out little favors that were key chains with their picture on them and the following words: “Some words of advice to men – 'Treat women d same way u would want your daughter to be treated.'” On the flip side - “Your words are my food, your breath is my wine.” Speaks volumes.
Valentines is alive and well in Freetown, Sierra Leone

We attended a YSA devotional and the theme was Valentines.

We were hearted at the YSA devotional.

We were hearted at the YSA devotional.

My Valentine from Scott on the front of the refrigerator.
We got home just before 8:00 and then went upstairs to play some cards. Valentines Day doesn't get much better than this!Saturday, February 15, 2013
10 months ago today, we entered the MTC in Provo, UT. Today we traveled twice to the Lumley apartment to store some furniture that belongs to the landlord and to ready it for 4 missionaries next week. The Burns lived in this apartment, and it was kind of nostalgic to return and not find them there. It is quite a challenge to drive the roads that lead to this apartment and we drove down a few of the wrong ones before we found it, resulting in the right front fender pulled away from the vehicle; on the way home, we met up with a very large Chinese dump truck and before we were finished, it had crashed into the driver's side view mirror (thankfully it flexes) but the mirror came out. I just love being a passenger......

Attended Elder Wootton's last baptismal service today. He returns home next Friday. He personally baptized 11 Salone's today. It was a beautiful service.

Beautiful scene of a baptismal service!

Had to clean the centipede out of the font before baptizing.

Last baptismal service for Elder Whootton. Taken through the glass of the font. The white veils are those of other baptismal candidates on this side of the font.
Beautiful garden just before the mission office with the polluted stream providing much needed watering.

Love to all! Robin

Another snap:

See that paved road way up at the top - it drops down to the road leading to the US Embassy. One of my walking routes.

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