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Week #35 - Haircuts in a Foreign Country Can Be Disastrous!

Sunday, December 8, 2013
We decided to stay local today and attend the Freetown Stake Conference. Elder LeGrand Curtis was the visiting general authority who lives in Accra, Ghana. Our friend, Sahr Doe was one of the speakers and we sat in front of his wife and children. Little Bob who is only 2 wanted to be on the stand with his dad and because we were on the front row, he had ready access to him. Scott and I managed to keep him entertained through most of the 2 hour meeting with him sitting on Scott's lap. Sahr has become a dear friend to us and we were able to meet his entire family today.

Elder Kanzler and Bob Doe

Sahr Doe Family and The Kanzler's

As soon as Stake Conference was over, we drove to the office so I could enter more convert baptisms. From there we drove to Goderich to deliver some much needed cooking gas to the missionaries. Being the housing coordinators is a never ending job; not only finding new apartments, but maintaining them and ensuring the missionaries have all their needs met in them; water and power are ongoing concerns and issues.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
How to have a fun day? Take a trip to Makeni with the Burns and the AP's and ride all the way in the back with your knees under your chin! That is what I did today! We had an apartment signing and needed to go to Makeni so we invited others to come with us and so enjoyed them! One of the perks of being a senior missionary is taking every opportunity to spoil the younger missionaries – food is a spoiler. They will eat anything and everything I offer them. Another spoiler is a car ride back to their apartment when it is pitch black outside. 

When we got back from our road trip, Scott had to go up to the mission office so I stayed down in the parking lot in the car; missionaries show up and of course they are wondering where we are going because they would like a ride - “get in.” No sooner do they, when 2 more show up on the scene who are in the same apartment - “get in.” They were from the states, so they understand my sarcasm and sense of humor and we had a delightful few moments together driving them to their apartment. I just love these guys!

Elder Sumrak and I were crammed in the very back of the car.

Elder Sumrak not used to riding in the car for 3 hours.

Thursday, December 12, 2013
While Scott drove out east with Markus to look for more apartments, I stayed home to wait for the plumber to come and fix the upstairs kitchen faucet while the Ostler's are in Bo/Kenema for 10 days. The Burns came over later today to do their laundry. They are now completely out of water, and Guma refuses to drive the road to get to their home to deliver water to them. So, with the Ostler's gone, Burns were able to use my washer and Rachelle's simultaneously as well as the dryers and get much needed laundry done.

It was so nice to stay home and be casual in my dress. I put on my cleaning outfit (bleached spots on both pants and shirt) and cleaned bathrooms using more bleach!
Scott came home to a surprise dinner – meatloaf and baked potato – one of his favorites. I must say it was very good; we have been eating so much chicken of late I forgot how good beef (hopefully it is beef and not goat) tastes!

Friday, December 13, 2013

I entered CDE's all day until we had to leave at 2:30 pm for my haircut appointment. 

I asked these two to do some alphabetizing for me.

They finally got it all together for me.

Elder Nwosu was under the weather or he would have been involved in the project as well.

I look like a pin head – the guy is Lebanese and doesn't speak a lick of English and apparently my “not too short on the sides” was misinterpreted; it didn't help that I took a little snooze either. They say the only difference between a good hair cut and a bad hair cut is 2 weeks. This one may take longer.

Brother Kallon (served as a branch missionary with Elder Hill), who is now Elder Kallon left on his mission today to Nigeria. When we got to the office, he was taking his luggage down to the parking lot, and I recognized the suitcase – Randy and Carrie's. It will be well used. Too bad (not really) I won't be around to see it in two years when he returns.
Scott with Elder Kallon - the suitcase belongs to Randy and Carrie Smith

Finished up the rest of the Christmas bags tonight. They will be handed out next week when the missionaries from the west and east gather for a little Christmas celebration.
Ready to wrap the sisters presents!
The last of the ties, socks, pencils, pens and rings all "wrapped" and ready for delivery.

Saturday, December 14, 2013
Today, we dropped off a medical kit to the sisters in Lumley and then out East to Kossoh Town while Scott worked with the branch record's clerk to get some members transferred to Waterloo. We also took some medicine to one of the missionaries along with some sheet music I was able to download for him and 3 recipes (easy doughnuts, easy scones, and corn dogs). I don't know how these missionaries think they are going to find all the ingredients to make these tasty treats, but why burst their bubble.

On the way home, we stopped off at the Kissy building, thinking the District was hosting a dinner for the leadership; it was the Kissy 2 Branch having their end-of-year party. We stayed for a little while. The branch president, Fomba, gave us some great news. His wife is having twins; Sister Fomba delivered a baby last February and it died 2 days later, so they are very happy about twins. He also told us of a dream he had while at the temple for the week – a dream about his deceased grandmother who he hadn't prepared the necessary paperwork for her to receive her temple ordinances. She had come to him in the dream and told him not to forget her. My guess is, there are more stories of this type we just haven't been told yet.

Love to all! Robin

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