Monday, August 19, 2013

Week #16 - He Says

Dear Family,
OK, I'm a week behind, hope to get caught up this week.  Hope this finds all well and happy.  Deb, can we Skype next Sunday for mom's 91st BD?  Let me know!
This week we had a variety of things to do, starting with transferring missionaries to preparing members to go to the temple.

Tuesday started by transferring missionaries from their current territories to new ones in the Freetown West & East areas. Elder Mangalo came along for the ride as he was getting a new companion.  We were on the road at 8:30 a.m. and were done at 4:30 p.m. Elder Mongalo said that he is glad to be walking!

Then Robin and I headed to the Kissy building where we took part in a District Council meeting.  President Kpullum, President Thomas, Sister George (RS Pres.), the district Primary president Sister Kallu and YM president Bro. Kallon were all in attendance.  We talked about building families and how each of their organizations can help make this happen.  We gave them the assignment to come back in a month with ideas on what they can do.  We challenged them to pray, ponder and even fast to know what the Lord would have them do, first in their own family and then with their organization.

Wednesday involved taking the new missionaries to their new areas.  First Elder Melville to Kissy and then Elder Wilding to Grafton.  They were excited to truly get their mission started.  Then I brought Elder Adah into Freetown, I've learned to love him and appreciate him for enduring to the end, Returning with Honor.

Thursday we spent part of the day with Sister's Awuoche & Ndolo and Elder's McDonald & Gherkins doing a service project.  The project involved moving the Wellington 1st Branch RS president who has been less active.  We helped her move down the street, she was so grateful for all our efforts.

We spent Saturday attending 4 baptisms at Wellington building which involved Elder's Nickle and Animba, McDonald and Gherkins and Sister's Owusu and Kioko all had candidates being baptized.  The service was conducted by the branch and went well.

We then traveled to Kossoh Town to witness a YW activity that was suppose to start at 2 p.m., but had not started by 3:30 p.m. when we had to leave, we were disappointed that we missed it.

Then we were off to Waterloo were they had 3 baptisms.  The missionaries continue to conduct the baptisms, however the BP, President Kamara presided.  Having the baptisms in the late afternoon, there is much better support, 21 members were present.
Sunday was another full day.  It started in the Waterloo Branch, 102 were present for Sacrament meeting, the building needs to be converted to a chapel quickly.
Then back to the Kissy building where we met with the first 16 members that will be going on the November temple trip.  We have a follow-up meeting August 11th.  We will be starting a temple preparation class shortly after that.

We ended the evening by going to the Wellington Sister's apartment and Sister Kanzler met with Sister Awuoche who is having some health issues.  After that Elder's McDonald, Gherkins and I gave her a blessing. 

We don't always know where our weeks will take us, so we prepare to always be worthy of the spirit and then be ready to do His will.

Elder & Sister Kanzler, Grandma & Grandpa, Scott & Robin

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