Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week #3 continued...

Here in Sierra Leone, people transport themselves either by foot, motorcycle or poda (taxi). The podas are late model beat up Mazda mini vans (not sure how they all got here)....anyway, the original seats are removed and replaced with benches so they can cram as many people as possible along with all their worldly possessions. Normal capacity maybe 8? Two in the front and then 3 and 3. They stuff a minimum of 15 people in them and they are like sardines; all you see are the whites of their eyes, unless of course you see one or two with half of themselves hanging out a window. Keep in mind it is hot and muggy here, no air conditioning, and no deodorant.
Anyway, while driving out to Waterloo twice this past week-end I took note of the sayings they have decaled on the front of their hoods - enjoy!
be content
bongo man
mother's blessing
man united
God is in control
be patient, wait for your time
long life, pure water (is this ever the truth)
supernatural restoration
be honest to yourself
lucky move
fear judgment day
God's blessings
white boy (I have yet to see a white man driving a poda)
time will tell

Material for journal entries is unending!

More photos:
  85-90 people attended conference. It started at 9am and no one owns a vehicle.

Members and Conference.

Members of the Waterloo Branch watching conference. The boy on the left is the one who  walked/ran 7+ miles to church last week. 

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